The PAX Good Behaviour Game is a classroom based game that helps teachers to teach children vital self-regulation skills in a fun way to help them both today and in later life.

Children’s capacity to engage with learning, to manage their behaviour and to regulate their emotions are essential skills to enable them to benefit from the academic and social learning opportunities provided in schools. Many teachers however identify disruptive and inattentive classroom behaviours as key barriers to students’ learning.

Research extending back over 30 years has shown that the PAX GBG is one of the most effective evidence based school programmes, which generates significant immediate and lifelong outcomes for children in the areas of self-control, self-management and self-regulation.

While PAX GBG is not a classroom management programme nor is it about consequences and control. It is proven to contribute significantly to the development of peaceful, productive and happy classrooms.

By implementing the PAX GBG programme effectively teachers can claw back up to one hour of teaching and learning time each school day that is currently being lost to disruptions and unwanted behaviours while upskilling students for life.

The most recent cost benefit analysis on the PAX Good Behaviour Game conducted by The Washington State Institute for Public Policy has shown that the programme returns $57.53 for every $1 invested. This is possibly the highest return on investment for any school based programme worldwide.

For more information on the PAX Good Behaviour Game, you can visit the PAXIS Institute website